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. . . don't overstay your welcome.

... about me

I get angry about stuff sometimes - politics, stupid people, bad drivers, whatever. Fortunately, it never lasts long. Actually, the domain name is kind of a joke with my wife and family. It's true I don't suffer fools gladly but I rarely get REALLY mad. So, in short: RELAX! IT'S JUST A JOKE!   I'm not really angry.  Usually.

... my family

I'm married to the most beautiful girl in the world and between us, we have three wonderful kids: a boy and a girl, each 8 (well, the girl's nearly 9 now) and another little princess, 6. We also have a chocolate lab, three inside cats and a revolving cast of porch cats, plus about 18 fish.   It can be pretty hectic around the house sometimes.  I'm a first-generation American on my father's side (he came over with my grandparents from Switzerland as a toddler for my grandfather's work with the Nestle Company).  On my mom's side, we've been here for probably two hundred years or so but the geneology gets really murky beyond  three generations so it's hard to be sure.

... my work

I'm a lawyer. Yeah, yeah - I've already heard all the jokes. I used to be a manned spaceflight life support systems design engineer, so just zip it. I have a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tennessee and my J.D. is from Vanderbilt University.

... my interests

I love Martin guitars, music of all kinds, baseball, football, reading, and movies. I am also extremely interested in issues of privacy and anonymity, electronic security, encryption, history, politics, technology and spaceflight design and history.

My favorite

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... my likes

Fine guitars, fine food, fine wine, fine clothing . . . in short, fine living. But I also like pizza, chicken wings, beer, Diet Coke, and watching my kids play baseball and soccer. I guess I'm kind of eclectic.

... my dislikes

I HATE conspiracy nuts; I realize that it's easier for many weak-minded fools to believe that there's some big plot responsible for whatever makes them unhappy in the world than to believe in the simpler explanation that is the truth. That said, I still think they're morons.  I also dislike zealots of any stripe, Alabama football fans (Go Vols!) and  telemarketers.

To contact me

Try my office: 138 South Cannon Avenue, Suite One, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Tel.(615) 848-1818